• Small size allows dipper-log to be used in well diameters down to 3/4 inch (20mm).
  • Also available in a completely submersible logger
  • Stores up to 16000 readings.
  • Measures in both feet and meters, temperature
  • Upload onto PC using Windows based software.
  • Programmable time, interval and delayed start.
  • Accurate to 0.1% full scale.
  • 0.72 inch (18.5 mm) diameter by 6 inch (155 mm) long
  • Various head of water ranges. see spec. sheet
  • Unvented, slim cable.
  • Direct read from top of well or submersible
  • Includes 50 feet of cable, wellhead readout unit, software and universal mounting kit.
  • Pocket PC controllable
  • Telemetry Expandable

Important benefits you need to know about the Heron dipper-log.

The dipper-log is easy to use. 

Just follow the tree easy steps in the windows and pocket PC based software (Win 95,98,ME,2000 & XP) for successful installation.

Quick and easy data download. No calculations needed. The results are shown as compensated height of water above the logger and depth of water below datum together with temperature which can be graphed at the click of a mouse.

Barometric Compensation

The dippper-log does not use vented cable.

The dipper-log automatically takes a barometric pressure reading during the logger installation. This value is stored in the logger and used to compensate all the water depth and height results obtained during the mission. The value is also used when taking real time readings.


Automatic Elevation and Barometric Compensation

The dipper-log automatically takes a barometric pressure reading during the installation procedure. Because the barometric pressure at any point varies with elevation this reading also compensates for the elevation of the well. If a bar-log is not used, this one time reading is used by the logger to compute the depth and height of water based on the barometric pressure at the time of the launch. This value lso compensates for the elevation of the site. The forgoing only applies when the dipper-log is set up at the site of the installation.

Variable Sampling Intervals

A wide range of sampling intervals is available to the user from one per second up to one every 255 hours in steps of seconds, minutes or hours. A "log time" interval is included. This facility increases the reading interval by one second for each reading allowing a total of 255 measurements over nine hours, ideal for short term pump tests. The dipper-log can also be set up to start at a future date and time to take readings at the preset intervals.

Depth Of Water Range

The compact design of the dipper-log is ideal for monitoring surface water and deep water wells. The dipper-log is launched and then installed in the well with a simple wireline at the required depth. The unit can be stored inside the well casing giving protection against vandalism.

Well Head Read Out Data Access

For installations where frequent downloading is required, a well head readout version is available. This allows full downloading and control of the dipper-log from the surface without having to constantly remove the logger from the well. This version also allows real time readings to be taken, a useful feature for pump and drawdown tests.

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Dipper-log for monitoring water levels and temperature in wells


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