• The Tape: Kevlar reinforced polyethylene dog bone section with stainless steel conductors. Graduated in feet x 100th/ft or meters x mm for durability and precision
  • The Probe: 16 mm (5/8) diameter 19mm (7 ) long probe constructed from stainless steel and Teflon (r). The probe has no holes or recesses to trap contaminants and is water tight to the full depth of the tape.
  • The Electronics: Fully encapsulated circuitry for protection against dirt and moisture. Single easy change 9 V battery accessible from the panel. Signal by audible buzzer and extra bright LED Light
  • REEL: A tough nylon or aluminium ( depending on tape length) reel mounted on a sturdy powder coated steel frame. A soft vinyl hand grip, ergonomic, reel Lock and casing hangar are incorporated into the frame.

    Volver a Pozometros

THe Heron Skinny Dipper
Polyethylene dogbone section tape